High Performance

Supports: storage of trillion+ time-series. Ten million+ write per second. 60x faster multi-tag aggregate query compared with InfluxDB.

Distributed Cluster

openGemini consists of three components i.e. ts-sql, ts-meta, ts-store. Each of them is independently scalable to cope with varying workloads. openGemini also supports large-scale cluster deployment.

Data Analysis

Armed with extensive data analysis algorithms, openGemini supports real-time anomaly detection and forecasting reducing the workloads on OPS engineers.

Low O&M Costs

Scure and stable, simple architecture, quick deployment and no third-party dependencies

Compatible APIs

openGemini is compatible with InfluxDB APIs and Prometheus remote read/write APIs. Improve application development efficiency

Low Storage Costs

Supports efficient data compression algorithms to save storage space.

openGemini Applicable Scenarios

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  • AIOps
  • Internet of Things

Real-time monitoring to view all system running status

Monitors the metreics of IT infrastructure and services, ensure the system runs stably.

Time Series Data Analysis

High-performance write data, more than 5x the write performance of InfluxDB. High-performance query data, especially when the query condition contains multiple tags. Distributed cluster, extended as required as possible.

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